Top iOS Apps That You Can Use for Academic Writing

Top iOS Apps
Academic writing can be tough especially when you are not experienced and do not have a very clear idea of how to do things the right way. Most of the students can handle their academic life well but they are unable to handle the academic writing pressure due to insufficient time, lack of research and writing skills as well as the knowledge to do things the right way to impress the teachers and secure good grades. All you need to know in this regard is how important these academic writing tasks are during the university and college days and how they can affect your overall GPA and careers in the long run.

Internet and technology have made things very easy for students; now they do not have to rely on the old methods of research and writing by sitting in the library for hours, searching for the right books and copying materials, and making notes. Now the computers, smartphones, and some great apps and tools by coursework writing services make it very convenient for students to find all the information they need from books, journals, and reports with just a few clicks and begin writing their academic paper within no time. The students just need the right devices and gadgets along with the required tools and apps to handle their academic writing projects most efficiently.

If you are an iOS user, things have been made very easy for you as this operating system offers the best apps and tools that can make the academic writing process easy and simple. Read on more to find the best iOS writing apps that will help to save your time and efforts.

Whether you choose to work on the mobile or tablet, Byword is one of the best markdown editors available on iOS. It will help to write down words as it supports TXT, TEXT, MD, MMD, MARKDOWN, MARKDN, MDOWN, MKDN, MARKD, and Fountain file formats. Another good thing about using this app is that you can get your finished document in PDFs and HTML documents which make it very easy to send it to the teacher or for printing.

This app has little more functionality than many other apps. What makes this app so useful and handy for students is its features such as built-in multi tab web browser, Dropbox integration, and much more. The students can use it most conveniently opening several documents at the same time. This app also comes with an inline preview for task paper, markdown, and foundation documents.

This app is without any doubt one of the best apps on iOS for notetaking. It can be downloaded from the App Store on either the iPad or the iPhone and can be used for writing down ideas, research purposes as well as to revise ideas and notes.

iA Writer Pro:
If you are searching for a great word processor that is also free of cost, iA Writer Pro is the best choice. With this app, you get all the tools and features that should be present in a word processor and make academic writing a piece for a cake without paying any money. This app works on iPad as well as iPhone and its easy usages have made it a popular choice among students.

It would not be wrong to say that Pages is the MS Word of Apple and like any other app that has been designed and developed by experts in the field, Pages also works brilliantly and helps the student complete their academic writing assignments most effectively. The best thing about it is that it is completely compatible with iOS as it was meant especially for this operating system and comes with every feature that a writer would need.

This app has been named after the greatest novels of its time and even today, its value has not diminished. This word processing app is compatible with most of the iOS devices and helps you work most professionally on academic papers without any delay or inconvenience. It has a simple, clean, and user-friendly design that makes it easy for students at all levels to use it most effectively and offers expert opinions too that make it easy for students to complete their writing tasks.

As an operating system, iOS offers some of the best features that make it a popular choice among users. In addition to this, you can also make use of the top iOS apps that make the academic writing task easy and provide you the helping hand needed to secure the highest grade in the class.
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