LGBT Tolerance Around The World

LGBT Tolerance
LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to another woman to fulfil her emotional or sexual needs. A gay is a man who is attracted to another man to fulfil his emotional or sexual needs. A bisexual is a person who is attracted towards both genders to fulfil his emotional or sexual needs. A person whose gender expressions are different from the gender expressions of his birth is known as transgender. Here, experts of cheap essay writing services will discuss LGBT tolerance around the world.

Homosexual activityHomosexuality is a legal matter in Africa and the Middle East. In these countries, lesbians and gays are given death penalties. Recently, the Indian Supreme Court has decided to review the laws of the country on homosexuality. There are some countries like Palau, Uganda, Montana and South Sudan in which homosexual activities are legal.

MarriageThere are different laws against same-sex marriage in all around the world. In the East, same-sex marriage is not allowed. On the other hand, in the west, there are some countries like Canada and the USA where the same sex people are allowed to get married.

Changing genderIt is the desire of some people to change their gender. This is known as transgender. For the transgender people, to change gender is one of the most complicated tasks. There are some countries in which people are allowed to change their gender. In these countries, there come Vietnam, Italy, Ireland and Turkey etc. There are also some countries in which people are allowed to change their gender only after surgery.

AdoptionWe can observe that most of the married couples who don’t have children try to adopt the children. There are some countries in which adoption is allowed only for the married couples of opposite genders. Nowadays, countries like Portugal, Greenland, Colombia and Ireland allow same-sex genders to adopt children.

DiscriminationMost of the countries have hard rules against the discrimination which is based on gender identity. There are also some countries in which people are not protected against this kind of discrimination. Greece, Cuba, Ukraine and Utah are the countries which are providing protection to their children against LGBT discrimination.

Employment discriminationMost of the LGBT people are treated in an effective way at the workplaces. In other words, LGBT faces different kinds of discriminations in the workplace. Ukraine, United States, Utah, Portugal and Australia are providing protection to the LGBT regarding employment discrimination.

Housing discriminationAlmost all around the world, LGBT people are facing some housing discriminations. In the US only, almost 20% of LGBT people are homeless. There are some countries that have changed their laws and these countries are providing protection to the people against housing discrimination.

Blood donationsMost of the people don’t try to take blood donations from gay people. There are some countries in which gay people are allowed to donate their blood. In these countries, there comes the United States, France and Finland.
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