Comparative Study of Different Research Methods

Different Research Methods
Research methods are used in the research based study. There are many methods that are used to gather data. The first method is the experimental method which is often used by dissertation writing service providers. Group of People is asked to take part in the experimental studies to check their cognitive abilities such as reasoning ability, attention and concentration through computer, paper or verbal.

The results of numerous group are then compared. Participants or group should not only concerned about performing well, but to do their best. The purpose of this test is not to check the intelligence of people, but to know the association between the performance and other factors. Experimental study might include the intervention of other factors such training in order to know the performance before the intervention and after intervention. The other ways of research are surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case study. The survey is used to collect the response from a large group of people in order to collect their information through questionnaires, but interviews, telephone can also be other ways to collect data.

A questionnaire is the research method is commonly used to gather data from a large group of people who do not have enough time to conduct interviews or attend experiment. Questionnaire allows people to state their feelings privately to write an assignment without the tension of response of the researcher. Many people do not answer accurately and give answers that are socially acceptable. The researcher should encourage the respondent to answer accurately in order to get the true results of the study. Questionnaire includes the closed ended and open ended question on the scale. The disadvantage of this research method is that the response rate is very low. Moreover, people do not answer all the questions. Mist of time respondent even do not read the questionnaire and solve the questionnaire that leads to inaccurate results.

Sometimes the researchers decide to administer respondent if they do not ale to understand the questionnaire or they issue of reading or writing. In this case participant might feel that an interview conducted rather than a questionnaire. Data can also be collected through conducting interviews. Interviews are usually conducted face to face basis, telephonic interview and video conferencing is also taking place of face to face interview. Interviews are mostly held at the workplace, but it can also be conducted in other neutral place if the respondent does not time to take part in interview at the office or workplace.

While interviewing, the researcher must have a tape recorder to collect data for thesis writing, pen and paper to record the answer and make notes. The drawback of telephonic interview is that researchers could not view the nonverbal expression of the respondent. Nonverbal expressions are also very important with the verbal expression because researcher can analyse the behavior the respondent. Recording of interview will help researchers to avoid any confusion. The researcher can listen tape recording if he found any confusion in notes that he/she has taken while interview. The researcher may conduct the structured or unstructured interview. Structured interview involves the planning of questions. A researcher might prepare or write questions before taking the interview while the unstructured interview involves the questions that might not relevant to the their work/job.
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