Microsoft Lumia 550 XL - Challenge to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Microsoft has been coming up with a stream of good looking as well as very functional mobile phones that have become a great help the users. They combine the features of a smartphone with a business phone and make it a must have with their unique features and great functionality. With Microsoft Lumia, users have been provided a new way to keep in touch with their friends as well as office at dissertation writing service companies without facing any communication trouble.

It would not be wrong to say that with the release of Microsoft Lumia 550 XL in the market, the company can now give a tough competition to Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus, at least in functionality if not in looks and size. The apparent differences and comparisons are there for all to see and note and it would be wrong to compare both on their looks or beauty. While Microsoft Lumia 550 XL is a smartphone meant for functionality and usage, Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus is without any doubt a glamorous phone which bowls over the consumers. Comparison between Microsoft Lumia 550 XL and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is given below;

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Microsoft Lumia 550 XL
Operating System
Android (5.1) TouchWiz
UIWindows (10 Mobile)
5.7 inches
4.7 inches
Touch screen
16 MP
5 MP
System Chip
Exynos 7 Octa 7420
Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 8909
Talk Time
28.00 hours
16.00 hours

16 777 216     
16 777 216     

It becomes necessary to explain here that Microsoft Lumia 550 XL is ultimately the phone for Microsoft users who work on office and other applications that have been introduced by Microsoft while Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus is a complete gadget or device which can handle any and all types of data very easily. Microsoft Lumia 550 XL has the grasp on market where Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus cannot reach the consumer and it is becoming hard for Samsung to draw all the consumers to itself as Lumia poses a challenge to it when it comes to people who use the Microsoft tools in their daily communications.

Galaxy S6 edge has been described as "super-sized" device which has a 5.7-inch display, larger 3000mAh battery and an overall bigger feel. The technology and the overall casing the same as in other phones which came before it but these new features make it a better choice for people who use it to keep connected to their social media and other sources.

On the other hand, Microsoft Lumia 550 XL is a truly nice smartphone. Microsoft did a great job pairing good-looking hardware with the right set of specs when those are compared to flagships from Samsung, LG, and Apple. It is only a challenge for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus if it is checked out from a business users’ point of view and even in that, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is trying to come up with all those innovative ideas which can take it a step forward than Lumia.
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