Which is Preferable - Dissertation Writing or Essay Writing?

Dissertation is a very lengthy research paper that begins with a thesis statement and has a certain format and method that needs to be followed. It is the final assignment of post graduate students after which they get their doctorate degrees. Dissertation has a proper outline that students work on and it takes many months to complete the process. It comprises of extensive research, analysis, data collection, active reading to lay down arguments and present convincing evidences to support those arguments. It has a well-defined methodology that teachers explain to their students in the beginning and students need to comply by that, in order to be successful.

Essay writing is a piece of writing that could be on any topic specified by the teacher. It doesn’t have strict rules or guidelines. Students need to have strong language usage skills with proper grammar and punctuation. A powerful vocabulary is always a plus point in writing essays which they can get from essay writing services. But, other than that, there is none of particular procedures or methods to follow. It doesn’t require massive research and analysis. It doesn’t need to have an argument statement.

In dissertations, there is very straight forward style of writing that is more or less the same when composing any form of research paper. Students just need to follow the respective research style and method of writing a particular paper. For example, every research paper must have a title page, table of contents, introduction that generally defines the student’s argument statement which is discussed further in the main body of the essay, and then there is conclusion, and finally, appendices and bibliography. Students are also asked to put clear citations and footnotes in their essay.

Essays can be of many types. Students can choose their own style in writing academic essays while getting masters degree in special education. There is just one general rule that all essays follow and that is the five paragraph rule. Students learn this style of writing in school. It comprises of an introduction, which tells the readers what the author’s topic is about, followed by three paragraphs in which the writer talks in detail about the topic in a very creative and captivating manner, and finally the conclusion, which is the fifth and final part of an essay. In this paragraph the writer wraps up the story and tries to write a powerful climax that would leave a lasting impression on the readers’ minds.

Unlike dissertations, essay writing does not follow a clear outline which competitors with web design do. Students are much more flexible in choosing their style of writing. They don’t have to put a lot of time in research and in selecting their own topic. Essay topics are generally given to students by their teachers which makes the task a bit simpler than dissertation writing, where students have to come up with their own unique ideas. Dissertation writing is a mandatory requirement of post-graduation degree, whereas essay writing is a component of general curriculum. Essay writing is not bound to a particular grade. Students learn to write essays from elementary grades and continue to do so well beyond college studies. In the light of the above discussion, students are most likely to prefer essay writing over dissertations, if given a choice.
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