Foursquare Have Made New Adjustments

FoursquareFoursquare is an app, designed to check in the location of famous places to the user. It gives recommendations for different places to hangout. It allows seeing the reviews about certain places of different people. When you want to go out and are unable to decide where to go or which most appropriate place is for you and your friends. Foursquare operates with the internet connection. Foursquare allows the user to check-in where he or she goes. The check in can be shared on the Facebook wall or Twitter. Along with the check–in you can take pictures of the place, foods or just your pictures on that particular place. Then you share it on the foursquare app.

The homepage of foursquare shows the recent check in by you. It also suggest places to go like pubs, restaurant, hotels, universities, schools, and malls etc. these places are selected by the distances. As in if you want places with in 1 km range. Foursquare will show all the most trendy or recommended places in your range. These places will have the reviews of different people along with the pictures of different events at the certain place.

Foursquare has now added a new feature into the app. It allows you to tag your friends with your check in. this service is already available on the facebook. Foursquare is typically designed for the check in purposes so tagging your friends with your check ins is a very essential service. when we use foursquare all my friends check in from their smart phones. We share the foursquare update on facebook but, it does not show that we are together. All check-ins were separate. Now, with this service I tag my friends along with me. It shows other people that we hang out together.

Foursquarefriend tagging is possible when you tag a friend with you and foursquare sends a tag request to your friends. If that friend approves the tag then it will appear on the wall of foursquare and facebook. Foursquare check-in suggestions and pictures are also shred on Twitter. It gives you more interactions and more followers. Many time I achieved discounts in restaurant and pubs because I tag more people in my check in and share my check –ins on Facebook and twitter. Foursquare allows me to check all new places in my area. From the last few days foursquare was not working properly, it had to be forced close every time I searched a place. It made me very anxious. Foursquare is very useful at lunch time or dinner time. that is why I always to open it. I think now this is due to the latest service they offered. Now, I open the app and it works good. There is no waiting of buffering. The check in is also quick. I check –in my daily routine on foursquare and tag all my friends with me. It feels like connected with my friends all the time. I think foursquare is good then other check in apps.

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